PAPERCUT // elina drossou

juin 23, 2008

Concept – Milles feuilles – a thousand leaves | Concept of the approach was the design of site-specific constructions that would emphasize and intensify the continuity of space and its homely feel while at the same time they would homogenize in a mental and formal way the varying events that happen in the “house” (shop – exhibition space, lounge area, party space, small scale fashion shows). The ephemeral character of the refurbishment was a wish of the client.
Existing furniture were rearranged in order to bring into forth the two, new, constructions that were handmade, using eco -friendly corrugated packaging carton. The sense of packing (as a reference to refurbishment, moving and the ephemeral) is spatially expressed, while the cheap material used in a derivational manner, structures space.

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