Tetromino Lane

février 6, 2009

Photo: Justin Sachtleben [Flickr setvia Gizmodo]

Jelly Fish by Janet Echelman

septembre 18, 2008

by Janet Echelman


septembre 18, 2008

Interactive seating installation provides a short break area for employees.
A collaboration with Alistair Willmott

OR Project

août 12, 2008

OR is the boldest installation at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2008, a vortex-shaped surface which reacts to sunlight.

The polygonal segments of the surface react to ultra-violet light, mapping the position and intensity of solar rays. When in the shade, the segments of OR are translucent white. However, when hit by sunlight they become coloured, flooding the space below with different hues of light. At night, OR transforms into an enormous ‘chandelier’, disseminating light into the surrounding courtyard, an atmospheric space for events and gatherings.

The hues generated by the photoreactive surface are therefore indicators of changes in weather and daylight, a dynamic architectural tool that can be used on building exteriors. OR is skin, OR is shining, OR is the light OR the shade.

OR is the first time that photoreactive technology has been used on an architectural scale. The ecological structure is a step in exploring the possibilities of photoreactive materials in the fields of furniture and design. The beauty of OR is its constant interaction with the elements. Each moment of the day is unique. Special software components have been developed in order to create the shapes and to generate the cutting schedules.

The project was developed by the architects and designers Ran Ankori, Francesco Brenta, Maya Carni, Christoph Klemmt, Laura Micalizzi and Elisa Oddone. Projects by the London-based team have been featured in key architectural magazines such as “Domus” and “Blueprint” and in international newspapers such as the “Financial Times”.

Cubatron by Mark Lottor

août 12, 2008

The Cubatron, is one of the world’s largest true 3D color graphics display.

Paul Cocksedge

juillet 31, 2008

Milan 08: at Swarovski Crystal Palace designer Paul Cocksedge presented Veil, a crystal screen which contains an image of the Mona Lisa that is only visible when you look at it in a mirror.

Ruedi Baur aborde le statut de la signalétique, lien entre l’espace et le visiteur, utilisateur du lieu. Il crée un langage visuel qui représente et reflète l’espace et met en scène son usage. Il décrypte ses réalisations en distinguant les fonctions des lieux auxquels elles s’appliquent – infrastructures complexes, signalétique urbaine, cités universitaires, sites touristiques, etc. Selon le contexte, l’accent est mis sur les caractères typographiques, les pictogrammes, le mobilier signalétique afin d’offrir la meilleure compréhension possible de l’espace.


juillet 24, 2008


juillet 24, 2008

Une installation fascinante au Pays-Bas, réalisée avec openFrameworks. Il s’agit d’un écosystème interactif et ludique où les enfants doivent créer des arbres avec leur corps et ensuite détourner l’eau découlant de la chute d’arbres pour la maintenir en vie.



sako 2


The west lake is the center of Hangzhou city in China. This boutique is located near the West Lake. « Romanticism » is a brand of the female clothes that develop about 500 stores in China, and this store is the flagship store.

« Net » an organic form ties smoothly the whole. The continuous « Net » from the facade to the inside wraps selling space on the first floor while changing itself.

In addition, « Net » narrowed once at the stairs begins to extend and makes various places again on the first basement floor as well as the first floor.


« Net » drawn three dimensional curved surfaces and white wall opened infinite form holes are made by a motif ;the body and clothes that wrap it.

Sako Architects