ECO_GRAFF // Anna Garforth

décembre 21, 2008

Anna Garforth has recently formed a creative partnership with Elly Stevens called El&Abe which aims to lift itself off the paper format and into our physical environment, creating accessible artwork and design that relies upon sustainable concepts and methods. Their first collaborative project is called MOSSenger


décembre 21, 2008

For the new offices of DOS architects in London, .PSLAB applied its customized approach to create A lighting installation for the new offices of DOS architects located at the second floor of a refurbished old building in London.

ProAesthetics Supports


décembre 21, 2008


décembre 21, 2008

living with dinosaurs
is a collection of soft interior objects inspired by dinosaur bones
material: rubber-coated foam


décembre 21, 2008

Sans titre
Deux tubes fluorescents enchâssés dans deux appliques murales en bronze,150 x 30 cm Collection privée


décembre 21, 2008

Recipro Creacions: Conclusion Nº6: Table

United Visual Artists

juillet 24, 2008

United Visual Artists have created a new site specific work for the Oyane Plaza, in the Roppongi Hillsdistrict of Tokyo, to mark the opening of UK-Japan 2008. Contact is a responsive floor based installation which allows visitors to use their kinetic energy to generate audiovisual forms that will interact with the user, and communicate with each other. Contact marries advanced computer vision techniques, physics simulation and a unique display surface to create an experience that aims to highlight the results of peoples interactions with each other, and their environment.

Sound by Matthias Kispert.

Commissioned by the British Council, Tokyo.

LED screen and video processors supplied by Hibino.

Pour la vidéo c’est par ici :

UFO // Peter Turosq

juillet 24, 2008

Artist Peter Coffin and lighting designers Cinimod Studio collaborated on a lighting display that involved flying a UFO over Gdansk in Poland earlier this month. The performance was part of the Gdansk Festival of Stars. The aluminium UFO structure used measured 7 metres across and was covered in 3000 individually controlled LEDs. Controlled by a solid state computer and powered by an onboard generator, the LEDs displayed a series of changing patterns. The UFO circled the city centre suspended from a helicopter on 4 July.


juillet 12, 2008

Une invention originale du designer Max Knight conçue pour les membres de Intersection Magazine. Le Walking Bike est un vélo très spécial où les roues sont remplacées par 8 paires de baskets. Démonstration du projet dans la suite.