Krijn de Koning

mars 23, 2009

Ellen Bell

mars 17, 2009


Speaking Soul – I didn’t know how to say…, 2007

Acrylic and vinyl lettering
287cm x 303cm x 5cm
Photo credit: Stephen Lynch

This image is of the Venetian blind as seen from inside the gallery, looking on to the street outside.

Speaking Soul – Effective Speaking, 2007

Second hand book, scalpel, acid free glue
20.2cm x 28cm x 1.2cm
Photo credit: Stephen Lynch

This piece is part of an installation that made up the ‘Speaking Soul’ project at the City Gallery, Leicester. ‘Speaking Soul’ came out of an attempt to investigate language and what I see as its limitations as a method of meaningful expression.

Atsushi Fukunaga

mars 17, 2009

Other side, Break
by Cléa Coudsi & Eric Herbin 

Jelly Fish by Janet Echelman

septembre 18, 2008

by Janet Echelman

Building Jewelry

août 26, 2008

Art in Public Spaces by Inges Idee

Kinetic Sculpture (sculpture cinétique) filmée au Musée BMW de Munich est réalisée à partir de 714 billes d’acier. BMW Kinetic Sculpture by ART+COM 

Sebastian Lemm

août 20, 2008

Sebastian Lemm a native of Germany, relocated to New York City in 2000.

Rhino by Carsten Höller

août 11, 2008

Rhinoceros, 2005
polyvinyl, polyurethane foam and polyester resin.
glass eyes, horns 120 x 80 x 50cm 

Carsten Höller was born 1961 in Brussels. He lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden