Other side, Break
by Cléa Coudsi & Eric Herbin 

Bulb 2.0

février 6, 2009

Bulb 2.0 is an energy-saving lamp which goes far beyond the traditional light bulb. Thus it becomes a modern element of design outshining the ordinary energy-saving lamp often perceived as unattractive.

The Sharky is a tea-infuser that circles slowly, its accompanying John Williams score inactual but mnemonically incumbent, trickling rivulets of copper-like gore through the steaming, tranquil pool in your cuppa.

Charlie Sorrel over at Gadget Lab, who spotted it, queries:

 » This macabre synergy changes the way I think about my national brew. Who before ever saw the reddish brown stains dropping cloudy tendrils through hot water and thought « blood »? Not you, and not me. « 

But definitely me: the orange-brown diffusions of earl grey have often reminded me of the welling and diffusion of aqueously spilt blood. My morning tea always reminds me of one tranquil summer day at the seashore, and pretty Sally in her swimsuit, who just wouldn’t stop strutting before the boys, and the anger and hurt and rage and hate until I am suddenly alone, crying, bobbing in a pool of red, far past the point where lifeguards still descry.

Tetromino Lane

février 6, 2009

Photo: Justin Sachtleben [Flickr setvia Gizmodo]

Supposedly via Design Boom, but I can’t find the original. Update: Brandon found it. It’s work of designer Sebastian Errazuriz.

ECO_GRAFF // Anna Garforth

décembre 21, 2008

Anna Garforth has recently formed a creative partnership with Elly Stevens called El&Abe which aims to lift itself off the paper format and into our physical environment, creating accessible artwork and design that relies upon sustainable concepts and methods. Their first collaborative project is called MOSSenger


décembre 21, 2008

For the new offices of DOS architects in London, .PSLAB applied its customized approach to create A lighting installation for the new offices of DOS architects located at the second floor of a refurbished old building in London.

ProAesthetics Supports


décembre 21, 2008