Water Art

juin 20, 2008



Curated and comissioned by Andree Cooke
In september 2006 Michael Cross showed the first stage prototype of this epic project in Dilston Grove, south-east London. The Bridge is a series of steps which rise up out of the water in front of you as you walk from one to the next, and then disappear back underneath behind you as you go, leaving you stranded with only one step visible in front of you, and one behind. The bridge ends in the middle of the water, where you find yourself totally isolated and cut off from the shore. You return the way you came. The mixed feelings of peace, isolation, relaxation and fear that the piece elicits are powerful. The project is on-going will ultimately lead to a permanent installation in a lake.

Swimming Pool (2004)

Composées d’éléments architecturaux à l’échelle humaine, les installations de Leandro Erlich mettent en scène le visiteur.  À travers des jeux optiques, l’artiste argentin interroge la notion d’existence, et explore le fossé  entre réalité matérielle et réalité psychologique.
by Leandro Elrich             

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